The Story


We are in the Milky Way galaxy, between two of its spirals, in the Sun’s solar system, on the third planet from the star.
The year is 2040 A.D, an era of development and chaos, rich in technological findings, but also plagued by war and destruction.
The gods who seeded this planet have long gone, leaving it to the mercy of their offspring, deprived of guidance and help during these times of need.
But all is soon about to change… the menace is drawing nearer, unsuspectingly near…

Will we be prepared?

We will have our answer soon… because the gods have returned to test what we are made of!


After the year 2030 the Earth’s accelerated global warming effect entered in a new stage. The scientists did not foresee the increase in humidity and the deserts’ shrinkage instead of expansion. The ocean level rose, with devastating effects, especially on less wealthy areas of the globe. In other regions, huge dams were constructed to keep the ocean at bay. Also, due to the increase in the COlevels, combined with the increase in precipitation, the plants began thriving everywhere.
Supported by strict ecological laws, the green areas conquered the earth in no time. Large rain forests with mixed ecosystems, composed of aggressive species of plants and animals (often genetically hybrid ones), took over the planet. Scientists were puzzled by the climatic change and were having a difficult time explaining what was happening. The outcome did not fit any of the possible scenarios that were developed, almost as if an important decisive factor of the equation had been overlooked.



The story begins around the year 2035, with a rich treasure hunter named Rick Stenk and his wife Tina, who are searching for a lost artifact called “The Gift of Poseidon”. During the first part of their quest, they gather information and rare ancient items across the Middle East, Greece and North Africa. Among these items, they find some very old Sumerian tablets at an antique dealer in Damascus. These contain a strange hymn and a story, and also depict unknown alien creatures. Beside the cuneiform, they are written in another language, totally strange and unreadable. Little do they know, but the significance of those tablets will hunt them for a long time to come.

During the documentation process, Rick hires the best 8 divers that money can buy and summons them aboard his research ship in Mediterranean. After months of no tangible results and with the aid of the psychic medium Ana Velkova, they finally manage to find the location of the precious artifact in a submerged cave near Crete.



To their amazement, the artifact is in fact a cosmic ship, hidden there by an unknown civilization by the name of Dervan Nedir – The Heart of the Star. They were called Anunnaki by the old Sumerians and were supposed to be at the origin of the human civilization. The carvings in Poseidon Cave support this theory. The massive stone wall near the entrance had a bas-relief with the Tree of Life and two Oannes (old half fish-half human people that taught mankind arts and science) standing next to it, and above them were the three main Sumerian gods in a spaceship - Enlil, Anu and Enki. Although the rest or the sculpture complex appears to be of a different origin (the scientist estimates their age to be around 120 million years), the Sumerian gods’ involvement cannot be denied. A more detailed analysis of the cave must be made, because it clearly has many more secrets to reveal.

After making a hole in the cave ceiling with powerful explosives, Rick’s crew successfully pull out the spaceship and tie it to a tug. They transport it to a private Greek port, where NATO scientists are waiting anxiously. Rick's brother Eugene is a NATO general, so their involvement in this unique discovery is only natural.   

The tests on the spaceship last over a month. During that time it is nicknamed “The Squid” and is assigned a crew (the 8 divers plus Rick Stenk, Tina Stenk, Ana Velkova and Pablo Cato – “the mad psychologist”).

The scientists manage to decipher the Squid’s commands and perform several tests above and below water. The source of the ship’s energy is the many batteries hidden in its exterior body. The amount of power it can storage is astonishing! It appeared that even after recharging the batteries for over a month, they were charged at only 7% of their total capacity. The ship capabilities, even at this early stage, are staggering. It is so fast both below and above water, that it cannot be matched by human technology. Additionally, it has some sort of energy field that can sustain a large amount of damage, but its exact nature is a mystery for the scientists.

During testing, Rick receives a phone call from his brother Eugene about a strange underwater footage in the Black Sea. on it, some strange creatures resembling frogs can be observed, clearly intelligent, working around some underwater optic cables (the cables were ours, obviously). As nobody has a better diving, Rick is asked to help the ongoing investigation on site, as soon as possible.

Arriving at the site, they observe the last moments of the attack from some unknown, very dangerous and intelligent creatures, on NATO German special diving force called Kampfschwimmer ("Combat Swimmers"). The aliens kill almost all of the commando’s soldiers, but one of them detonates an underwater explosive and takes out 3 of the aliens. The fast intervention of the Rick's diving team results in the rescue of the 5 remaining commandos and the recovery of the aliens’ bodies, along with some artifacts in their possession. But during this time the main alien forces had fled with their UFO, whose tracks can be found on the sea floor. The divers search the area for more clues, but find nothing. As they leave, a Japanese diver named Kyoshiro Hikaru, sees something unusual about an old Russian helicopter wreck part that everybody had neglect until then. It had too little sand and mud on it in order to have been sitting there for a long period of time. He was right, as the divers uncovered some strange alien hexagonal box, linked to the Russian underwater optic cable lying on the sea floor. 


Obviously the aliens were trying to steal information from one of our Internet main streams. This was an important find, one that marked the birth of The Terran Shield, an organization made by Rick, Eugene and other NATO officials to investigate and stop the imminent alien threat.

Analyzing the alien creatures they recovered, the conclusion was that in order to match their deadly capabilities, we must create a new man. One that is capable to dive underwater without the constraints that an ordinary man has. One that can breathe underwater, that can resist at any depth and pressure, one that can feel at ease in this environment.

Following a preliminary analysis of the main bas-relief from the Poseidon Cave, Terran Shield scientists have concluded that the symbols can be encountered all around the ancient Babylonian territory (current Iraq). The evolution of these symbols is an example of syncretism from the original representation of the tree major gods of ancient Sumer (Anu, Enki, Enlil) to their Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian representations. As observed, the main symbol appears to represent the three gods in a spaceship. When looking at old Sumerian representations though, we can see that it gradually evolved to represent the Ashur/Shamash winged god.

A more in-depth analysis of this bas-relief is required to understand the nature of its message, the link between the three gods in the spaceship, the Tree of Life and the 2 Oan/Oannes (Sumerian) or Uanna/U-An (Akkadian) that are standing beside it.