The Characters

Rick Stenk

Date of birth: 14.08.2002
Ethnicity: Swiss
Occupation: CEO of a famous IT company


Rick Stenk (38 years old), the wealthy Swiss IT businessman who began searching for a mysterious artifact called “The Gift of Poseidon”. On top of his multitude of hobbies, Rick enjoys studying the history of ancient civilizations and searching for their lost treasures.

Stubborn and perseverant, and despite all the negative predictions, Rick did not stop his search until he uncovered the location of the inter-planetary ship called “The Squid”.

After Terran Shield was founded, he became the commander of the aquanauts and of the Terran Shield underwater bases. He is also the Squid main pilot and captain.  

His special link with the mysterious "Gift of the Gods", the Squid, will prove invaluable for us in the battle against the aliens invaders.  

In combat, Rick was the scout of Tina's squad, opening the way with the scouting drones and powerful explosives.

Tina Stenk

Date of birth: 10.02.2005
Ethnicity: Austrian
Occupation: Geologist

Tina Stenk (35 years old), was born in Austria and lived most of her life in Philadelphia, where she moved at the age of 6. She is a graduate of the Vienna Geology University, which is where she met Rick Stenk.

Her main interests are precious gems, flowers (her grandmother had a beautiful garden in Vorau), books and travelling. She enjoys listening to meditation music, nature sounds and all that comes with a peaceful environment.

After marrying Rick she joined her husband on his adventure in the Mediterranean Sea. Tina possesses unique paranormal abilities, which will help her control alien minds and obtain information crucial to mission success. With her friend Ana, she is one of the few humans who have those abilities, so she is one of our main priority to be kept alive during the missions.  

Contrary to another special forces teams, the aquanaut's team is split in two squads lead by the two extraordinary women with their powerful minds and psychic abilities. 

In addition, her prophecy about the end of our world and her link with the old Sumerian gods, made her vital for Terran Shield forces and their success.  



Ana Velkova

Date of birth: 01.11.2012
Ethnicity: Bulgarian
Occupation: Healer, Psychic Medium

Ana Velkova (28 years old), was born in Bulgaria and lived in Greece until was employed by Rick Stenk.

From a young age she develop special mental abilities, she is able to foresee future events and diagnose the ailments of those seeking her help. Self-educated, she spent most of her life as a healer, seer and medium.

She gravitates towards horror movies and black metal, having an inclination towards the morbid and tends to wear goth clothing and makeup.

Due to her ability to sense past events associated with a given location, she joins Rick Stenk’s team shortly before the Squid location is uncovered. It is a well given fact that finding the Squid could not have happened without her assistance.

She, along with Tina, is one of the most powerful squad leaders. Her fearless style in battle and her team leading powers are legendary among Terran Shield's soldiers and aquanauts.  


Pablo Cato

Date of birth: 28.05.2007
Ethnicity: Spanish
Occupation: Psychologist

Pablo Cato (33 years old), a Spanish psychologist who lives in London mainly from entertaining the rich people, with his hypnotic past lives regressions spectacles.

He was recruited to Rick’s team, based on his eccentric experiments and controversial publications on hypnotic regression. After joining the Terran Shield project he becomes the one responsible for mentally preparing aquanauts but also for developing unique underwater relaxation techniques.

In battle, Pablo was also Tina's team medic and the "backup guy", always ready to help his team mates in difficult situations.


Raphael Roiman

Date of birth: 22.08.2015
Ethnicity: Visayan
Occupation: Pearl hunter

The eldest child of a poor family of fishermen from a small village on the Ilin Island, Raphael had eight brothers and sisters to care for. He started following in his father’s footsteps since he was a little boy, but despised fishing knowing that it will never help them escape their precarious life. From the age of 6 to the age of 14 he went to the local school, working in parallel to provide for his brothers and sisters. Like many kids from the village, despite his good grades, Raphael couldn't continue his education and it upset him tremendously. Therefore, he looked into ways of earning more money and the most approachable idea that came to mind was pearl diving, an almost lost legacy of the nation. The South Sea had always provided enough for his family to survive, yet never enough to live a better life, but Raphael wanted to change that. Pearl diving is a nearly extinct occupation since the appearance of pearl farms, but with a bit of luck one could get rich overnight and this temptation still leads many to their deaths. At the age of 17, after multiple near death experiences, Raphael finally had his lucky breakthrough. With a perfectly round 22mm pearl worth more than enough to escape poverty, he moved his family to a village at the periphery of San Jose and used this opportunity to finish school before the now mandatory military service.

The story of the pearl diver from Ilin Island has become subject of a TV documentary, inspiring poor people from coastal regions to take their chances.

Raphael's sacrifices for his family's welfare fascinated Rick, so he approached the Visayan diver knowing exactly how to convince him. Rick might have exploited Raphael's emotional weakness, but he was going to do right for this boy's family if anything was going to happen to him.  

When the war broke out, seeing the aliens as a threat to his family, Raphael didn't hesitate to go for the genetic transformation. If he wasn't going to stand against the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, all the sacrifices he had made in his life would be in vain.

In combat, he is in Tina's team, expert in sonic weapons and electric cannons.  


Luukas Heikkila

Date of birth: 20.12.2013
Ethnicity: Finnish
Occupation: Wrecks explorer

The only child of a wealthy family of Finnish entrepreneurs, Luukas was always curious about the unknown. As a child he was puzzled by the vanishing of Amelia Earhart and MH 370 spending countless hours forming theories about their disappearances. His parents' death in a car accident while he was in the Finnish military service hit him hard triggering radical changes in his life. Luukas left the family business to an associate and went on a trip around the world exploring some of the planet's most peculiar places. Still driven by his childhood passion he invested much of his inheritance into the discovery and investigation of wrecks around the globe. Most of his findings have been donated to museums as he was looking to find answers to mysteries, not getting richer off them. 

Rick Stank was set on finding Poseidon's Gift so he looked for the best divers on the planet. He wanted men with particular skills, men who have given themselves to the water and have the right amount of crazy to join him. Luukas Heikkila was the first on Rick's list that met those criteria and the wrecks explorer couldn't resist such an adventure in the search of the unknown.  

Luukas had nobody in his life. After his parents' death he made very few human connections and most of them faded quickly. This team was all he had and he was not going to let them down. Before undergoing the first stage of the transformation process, Luukas wrote his will. He left half of his sizeable fortune to orphanages around the globe and a few museums. The other half was a donation to the Terran Shield to assist defending our world even if he wasn't around anymore.

In combat, he is Ana's team scout and melee warrior, taking the first move in every battle, leading the front and constantly pushing and pressing the aliens foe in retreat.   



Kyoshiro Hikaru

Date of birth: 21.11.2000
Ethnicity: Japanese
Occupation: Marine Biologist

Some people are born with a love for the sea and dedicate their lives to explore the depths and Kyoshiro is one of those people. Ever since his childhood, he couldn't stay away from the sea. He almost drowned twice, forcing his parents to move from the outskirts of Niigata to a more central region. At the age of 18 Kyoshiro enrolled into JMSDF spending 3 years in service, but the military wasn't his true calling and he went back to school at The Misaki Marine Biology Station within the University of Tokyo. 

As a marine biologist, Kyoshiro has been studying the behavioral and evolutionary patterns in the cephalopod mollusks species of the Japanese seas. The scientific community calls him The Squidman, a nickname he wears with pride, following almost 20 years of intensive work. His studies have brought to light unknown facts about these fascinating creatures and his obsessive research on their intelligence has been the basis of creating evolving AI programs.

Kyoshiro Hikaru is a man that spent most of his life where few others dare to venture, with a vast knowledge of what hides in the shadow of the seas. Rick offered him the biggest research opportunity in his career and Kyoshiro didn't think twice.

The process of genetic transformation to allow man to get closer to the capabilities of sea creatures was scientifically intriguing to Kyoshiro. But his morals didn't allow him to use others as test subjects. So he accepted the genetic modifications to study their results on himself.

The main sniper from Tina's team, Kyoshiro's cold blood mood and his masterful knowledge about sea and currents made him one of the most powerful and prolific alien killer from all Terran Shild's forces.  


Jason Bradley

Date of birth: 11.03.2005
Ethnicity: American
Occupation: Navy Seal's Squad Leader

Raised in a Christian household in Abbeville, Louisiana by foster parents, Jason inherited his new family's values. He studied at the local parochial schools and wanted to pursue the path of priesthood, but the never-ending wars determined him to leave faith behind and enroll in the Marine Corps.

His hard work and physical capabilities were enough to convince the captain of his unit to recommend Bradley for the Navy SEALs. After three years served in the Marine Corps, Jason passed the extremely demanding tests of the Navy SEALs with flying colors and was assigned to execute a series of missions on African soil. In 2030, his unit was tasked with the extraction of a high-value target hiding in the southern regions of Yemen. This was a high risk mission which required infiltration by sea with an extraction by submarine. With the death of the squad leader, Jason has taken over the unit's command and has handled the FUBAR situation admirably, proceeding with the mission's completion against the odds.

Rick's vision for a team meant no weaknesses. Besides scientists and experienced divers he needed a few members with exceptional combat expertise. Rick turned to his brother for his NATO connections and he received Jason Bradely's files.

From time to time Jason looked back to his older self, thinking of the time when he looked up to God. War had changed much in him... Back then Jason would have thought that genetic modifications are a sin, man playing God. Today that doesn't matter, because he knows it is the only option.

In combat, he is Ana's team lead gunner, ravaging the alien's line of defense with the sonic gun and the toxic harpoon launcher. 


Andrei Melnikoff

Date of birth: 16.06.2005
Ethnicity: Austrian
Occupation: Geologist

From a young age Andrei had been causing problems everywhere he went and hasn't gotten rid of this devil-may-care attitude, even after joining the army. He was a talented jet fighter pilot but his constant insubordination prompted his commander to demote him and eventually set him in reserve. Annoyed by this decision, Melnikoff left the country searching for new ways of living on the edge. He tried some extreme sports, but never felt content like he did when he was in the army. Andrei settled for a job in a private military outfit that took him in some of the most controversial conflicts in the world. Nobody can say on which side he fought, but there are stories about him jumping on a grenade to protect his comrades miraculously surviving because of his Diamond Skin body armor.

Discipline is everything in the army. But discipline puts a damper on the creativity that gives birth to unconventional tactics perfect for situations with which it would otherwise be impossible to deal. Rick was aware that searching for the Gift could stir something and he needed a few men forged in the fires of war so he recruited Andrei Melnikoff, a living legend in the eyes of mercenaries.

Melnikoff lived most of his life driven by instinct and he had made this far. He had been through wars and had seen humanity's potential for violence, yet what he faced now was much worse. The reckless part of him wanted to go through with the genetic transformation for the thrill, the soldier in him wanted to do it to protect others.

In combat, he is Ana's team long range gunner, playing with the dangerous torpedo launcher and spreading fear in aliens's ranks with the deadly electric cannon.


Joaquim Cardoza

Date of birth: 15.09.2007
Ethnicity: Portuguese
Occupation: Scuba diving instructor and underwater tour guide

Before he became a renowned diving instructor, Joaquim was known for his exploratory diving for various scientific and educational TV channels and publications. When he went into business as a diving instructor and underwater tour guide, Joaquim's media reputation proved valuable, attracting a lot of VIPs and wealthy people from around the globe.

He has lived two lives, both as active and full of entertainment. While underwater diving has been his professional focus, he didn't let this affect his “terrestrial” time following his passion for motorcycles and even hunting from time to time as a guest to some of his wealthiest clients. On a hunting party, Joaquim met the Olympic swimmer Karim Nader and they become very good friends as they share common interests and hobbies.

Even the most experienced people need someone to keep them in check and help them improve their lesser developed skills. Rick was aware of this so he wanted the best diving instructor for him and everyone else in the team. He was reluctant at first in recruiting Joaquim Cardoza, afraid that his reputation was nothing more than exaggerated advertisement and the praising of some rich people. But the interviewing discussion they had changed his mind. Joaquim was a man born in the wrong medium; he belonged in the water.

When genetic transformation was proposed to the team, Joaquim didn't think about the implications or why he needed to do this, his first thoughts were that he would finally be a man of the water.


In combat, he is the Ana's squad skillful sniper. He was finally in place to proof his talents in the aquanaut team and he definitely did it in style. 


Vincent Brillon

Date of birth: 05.02.2006
Ethnicity: French
Occupation: Speleologist

Vincent had his first claustrophobia panic attack as a child, losing his conscious on a family trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Since then he had a few similar experiences developing a phobophobia which has kept him away from enjoying a normal boy's childhood. But Vincent didn't want to let fear control his life. Some people try to overcome fear by going to the most favorable place for that fear to take over them and he is one of those people. During a class trip to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, he sneaked out of the group and joined a tourist's spelunking expedition in the cave Les Deus Avens. Showing remarkable willpower and probably a dose of craziness, Vincent persevered in the dark, damp and narrow tunnels of the cave. Despite receiving a terrible scolding and risking being expelled, he had a life changing experience of which he became proud.

The army service had given him the discipline that he needed, gaining control over his fears and emotions so they wouldn't represent an obstacle in his life anymore. In an ironic turn of events, Vincent has grew to become a speleologist, studying locations that in the past could have sent him into a state of anxiety. In his first published book, he wrote about his fears as a child and how he has overcome them, quoting Jim Morrison on courage as a motto for his life.

Rick read Vincent Brillon's books and thought that a man who has fought fear and came out victorious was the proper pick for a navigator in narrow spaces at the bottom of the sea. Vincent found the prospect of having an alien ship hidden in our planet's oceans implausible, but this was going to be his final test against fear and he didn't want to fail.

Our enemies have the advantage of terrain in our own home. Terran Shield was formed to protect our world from the dangers that now dwell in the depths of the sea. Vincent has cast his fears away, but he was not going to let fear take over the world. If transforming into a “monster” to stop other monsters was the price, he was ready to pay it.

In combat, he is the long range specialist from Tina's team, meticulous and precise with all his weapons: torpedo launcher, long range electric cannon, or the gel gun. 


James Adler

Date of birth: 11.10.2008
Ethnicity: Australian
Occupation: Medic, free time diver

Coming from a wealthy Australian family of doctors, James was guided from a young age to pursue a career in the field of medicine, something about which he wasn't very enthusiastic. At the age of 17 he met Chloe, a young girl from a poor family who came to Sydney on a scholarship. James' parents never approved of the girl as they envisioned her as a distraction from his preset career. This led to many family quarrels, which determined James to leave the Sydney Medical School in 2017, after only one year of study. Worried that James was ruining his life for her, Chloe decided to leave in order to protect him, but in the rush she got into a horrible car accident. When the phone rang, James was there even before the extrication team arrived; helplessly staring as there was nothing he could do. Due to the Adler family's status, the accident made the news putting them into a bad light, but James didn't care and in the years to come he became just a shadow of a man. He picked up diving to get farther away from the demons that were haunting his mind and didn't follow him into the depths of the ocean. In one of his many underwater ventures he saved the life of a tourist surfer that was knocked off his board by a strong wave. In 2019, James returned to Sydney Medical School to continue his education, not to please his parents with which he barely spoke anymore, but driven by an altruistic desire to help others. In his spare time he was roaming the coastlines diving alongside lifeguards, which nicknamed him “the savior from the deep”.

The files of some of the most overqualified people had landed on Rick's desk, however, he didn't want a team of machines but one of humans. So it's not really a surprise that he ignored a whole list of capable military medics in order to pick James Adler.

When the time of genetic transformation came, James Adler was already hardened through battle. He looked at this as a potential advantage over the enemies, a tool to save others. The audio recording for his genetic transformation was damaged in an accident, but through the undistinguishable static noise a word comes clearly out of James' mouth, “Chloe”.

In combat, he is Ana's team reliable medic. Well known for his toxic zone placement made with the fiercesome dispersion gun, the defense position master with his gel gun well placed ensnare areas. And last but not list, his ability to slip out of the danger with his wounded team mates on his back.