Demo Mission Available Now!

“The Lost Shrine of UM” demo mission.

The Terran Shield alpha 0.2 demo mission is now available for testing!


Get into battle and fight the menacing alien threat in the luxuriant jungle of Borneo. Help the Terrran Shield forces find the hidden alien base of The Lost Shrine of UM hidden and reduce their influence in this part of the Globe.

The Ka-Um-La forces are well adapted to this warm and humid environment, so prepare for hard opposition.

 The combat is fast, intense and brutal!

 The aliens will take no prisoners and fight to the last. They are faster, with more Time Units, more Stamina and they see in a 320° arch due to the placement of their eyes. They see better than us in this jungle environment and it is likely they  will spot us well before we spot them.

In addition, they are equipped with the powerful Sonic Gun, which is extremely accurate at any range, and has tremendous destructive power. Also watch out for the mighty alien superblaster grenade. It offers a smaller range than our grenade, but more firepower and a longer throwing range.  


Last but not least: do not hastily engage on higher difficulty levels from the beginning. Without proper expertise and experience on the tactical battlefield, you will find the combat frustrating and impossible to win.