Aliens: Alien weapons -Sonic Gun

Unsurprisingly, the sonic gun is the main assault weapon used by the alien forces. The technology behind this artifact is incredible. Human researchers have admitted that even though they have a partial understanding of how the weapon works, they have no theory that can explain the existence of an energy pulse that can maintain the amplified sonic waves and only release them when coming into contact with a solid surface. The nature of the type of energy capable of moving at the speed of sound, while encapsulating the sound waves produced by the weapon, is entirely unknown to humans.   

Evidently, detailed scientific investigations are needed in order to decipher the nature of the pulse which stores the sound waves, but our researchers are skeptical in our ability to reproduce the technology behind this formidable weapon in a timely manner. We will most likely need to rely on weapons and ammunition recovered from the enemy, if we are to make use of this weapon. Therefore, recovering as many sonic guns and ammunition shall become a top priority for the Terran Shield soldiers.

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