Reaper, killer, monster.

The incarnation of all horror lurking and hiding in the dark depths of the oceans.

The Kampfschwimmer’s cameras spotted this horrible monster during the first alien encounter in The Black Sea mission. The UdGlee was responsible for killing four NATO divers, one of them shot by an unknown gun, most probably a weapon that creates a directional lethal sound wave, while the others were torn apart by its huge saber teeth.

The few seconds of footage featuring the monster, show some sort of propulsion jet at the back of the creature’s huge head. This special propulsion system apparently allows it to close in on its prey very quickly, therefore making it a very dangerous opponent in melee combat.    

The large eyes and the small fluorescent lure on its forehead are indicative of a creature that is very well adapted to the dark ocean depths. It comes as no surprise that the 6 alien rulers have assigned the sonic gun to this monster, given that its vision and perception area in an aquatic environment are unparalleled.

If the aliens have more specimens of this living horror in their army, then it seems that we have already lost control over the Earth’s oceans! The only way for us to regain it and have a chance to stop the alien invasion is to capture and research one of those sonic guns, the weapon this monster handles with ease. But that is much easier said than done…

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