Aliens: The Frogman

This is the first version of the most common type of alien and we have therefore decided to share it with you.

Stubborn, fast, skillful, resilient, he will make your life hard if you decide to stay on his path. 

One of the initial requirements for this type of alien was to be versatile and adaptable so that they can fight equally well underwater and in air. Size-wise the alien had to be smaller in order to require less resources and enable to breed easier. The Frogman was conceived as a backbone for the alien army, the one who takes the brunt of the fighting, the one who sacrifices himself and works to put in motion the alien’s abominable war machine. Weak as an individual, but fearsome when in a group, the Frogman is an extraordinary team member, displaying remarkable coordination and communication with others. Being an intelligent being who naturally lived and communicated within large groups, recruiting and integrating him in the Army of the 6 was very natural. Following investigation of the devices recovered after the first missions, researchers have determined that the alien invasion was led by a group called “The Way of the Six Direction”, or "The 6" (possibly led by 6 alien masters?).

Without revealing too many details about the Frogman’s abilities, so that we can save them for the Ufopaedia page available after researching this type of alien, we can indicate that he can climb vertical walls and even ceilings. This ability will create special opportunities during tactical fighting and will definitely present a challenge to the human player facing it. The secret for this ability is based on the fact that on a microscopic level, the contact skin surface is covered in tiny hook features, which allow it to grab onto any surface, no matter how slippery.

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