Gameplay - Damage Types

For Terran Shield’s tactical combat engine we have seven types of damage: kinetic/explosive, toxic, electric, incendiary, sonic, stun, and immobilize.

Several of these types of damage are already available in X-Com 2: Terror from the Deep, the classic underwater tactical TBS game. But in X-Com 2  some of the damage types were not used in the majority of missions, such as electrical, Gauss and incendiary. The main reason behind this is that the sonic cannon was the main weapon of the game, it had almost the highest damage and could be used both in and out of the water.

In Terran Shield, we have built on the preexisting types of vulnerabilities and resistances, so that different types of aliens have their specific resistance to various types of damage. On higher difficulty levels the damage resistance gets close to immunity, making it futile to use that type of ammo. Vulnerabilities are just as diverse as resistances, so much so that in a typical mission the player will be required to use multiple types of weapons and ammunition. We will however, introduce an end-game final weapon for each type of damage, so the player will have a clear goal if he wants to go for the higher DPS (damage per shot). By employing this approach, the player will no longer be tempted to use only one type of weapon (that which deals the highest amount of damage) and thus the importance of tactical planning prior to a mission will increase as the type of equipment used will vary based on alien vulnerabilities.

The available armor in Terran Shield will provide various types of resistance to all types of damage. The equipment can be partially customized during the armor manufacturing process, enabling the player to specialize team members to be resistant to certain types of damage. The environment also possesses resistances to certain damage, as well as vulnerabilities. The player will need to take this into account when attacking or hiding behind environment objects. The environment shall be fully destructible and more details will follow soon.

The weapons can be specialized on a single or multiple types of damage, as well. For instance, the Torpedo Launcher will be able to be fitted with different types or ammo, covering all possible types of damage.

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