Gameplay features – Save/Load particularities

In Terran Shield during the tactical missions, every time you load a game the firing accuracy of your soldiers is temporarily lowered for the next 3 shots.

Strategy games, specifically the single player, have always been subjected to the Save / Load overuse. Game designers have always had difficulty balancing the game the game due to the fact that the player is tempted to fully exploit the options provided by the Save / Load  approach. Over time several solutions have been researched, especially in the direction of modifying the “chance to hit” and its outcome as this was included in the game save file. Under this approach, repeatedly reloading the game to achieve the desired target damage or a higher damage becomes ineffective. But this approach also falls short as the player would reload the game and attack using a different unit or reorganize the soldiers’ field positions in order to improve the outcome. Therefore, exploiting the Save / Load approach becomes more cumbersome, but is not entirely eliminated.

What would then be the optimal solution, both for the designer and the player?

For Terran Shield we have striven to find a solution to this problem by lowering the accuracy, which in turn reduces the chance to hit by a certain percentage for the next 3 shots at each game load. The percentage reduction is based on the game difficulty level. On Superhuman level, there is a 30% reduction in shooting accuracy and decreases to 5% on Beginner level. This method still allows the player to use the Save / Load approach but also discourages its repeated use. The percentages presented above have not been finalized and may be revised during beta testing.

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