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Demo Mission Available Now!

“The Lost Shrine of UM”Just a taste of the complex combat system of the final game!  

Stream: Terran Shield Stream

Live level building and game-play sessions stream is live!.

Aliens: Alien weapons -Sonic Gun

Unsurprisingly, the sonic gun is the main assault weapon used by the alien forces.

Trailer: Gameplay Trailer

Three assault squads entered in the deep Borneo jungle to find a secret alien base facility near a lost and forgotten shrine...

Aliens: Ud'Glee

Ripper, killer, monsterThe incarnation of all horror lurking and hiding in the dark depths of the oceans.

Gameplay - Damage Types

For Terran Shield's tactical combat engine we have seven types of damage: kinetic/explosive, toxic, electric, incendiary, sonic, stun, and immobilize.

Gameplay features – Save/Load particularities

In Terran Shield during the tactical missions, every time you load a game the accuracy of your soldiers is temporarily lowered for the next 3 shoots.

Aliens: The Frogman

This is the first version of the most common type of alien and we have therefore decided to share it with you.

Stubborn, fast, skillful, resilient, he will make your life hard if you decide to stay on his path.

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Foreword for the players:
We are developing Terran Shield as a game with the one of the best AIs of the moment. A game with fair rules, that allows the player to confront the AI on equal terms.