Gel Gun

Damage: 0
Damage type: immobilize damage
Range: 30 meters
Accuracy change: 20%
Ammunition: gel bomb
TU cost: aimed 45 / snap 30 / reload 10

The gel gun is the first weapon recovered by Terran Shield during the Black Sea mission. Although a non-lethal weapon, the gel gun is still a fearsome weapon. The gel gun is designed to isolate the enemies by forcing them to avoid the areas covered in the weapon`s gel and thus forcing them to reveal their position.

The weapon can also be used to capture enemies that have had the misfortune of becoming trapped by the gel. The cartridge launched by the gel gun is propelled only a relatively short distance by means of a chemical reaction in the weapon. Once the cartridge slows down, it opens up and releases a powder which, when in contact with the surrounding water transforms into a sticky gel, forming a compact, irregular mass of approximately 6 meters in diameter. Any creature that becomes trapped in the gel will find it very difficult to become unstuck, as the gel acts like a spider web.

The weapon is made of carbon fiber and is equipped with two long flexible tentacles, which attach to the bearer’s body through three suction cups. Therefore, after firing it, the user can simply let it drop by his body without needing to put it in a holster (which would affect underwater speed) or into the backpack. The system also allows for the weapon to be readily available for immediate use.

Additionally, the weapon is equipped with spikes, located under the barrel, which contain a powerful neurotoxic venom. Once the poison enters the bloodstream, it causes a several hour-long come and if an antidote is not administered quickly it may cause long-term neurological damage. 

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Sonic Gun

Damage: 300 underwater / 250 in ambient air
Damage type: sonic damage
Range: up to 120 meters (~394 feet)
Accuracy change: + 60%
Ammunition: 10% from sonic gun battery cell power for single shot, 30% for automatic shot and the need to stabilize the battery for one turn after the shot 
TU cost: aimed 50 / snap 35 / automatic 55/ reload 10

Unsurprisingly, the sonic gun is the main assault weapon used by the alien forces. The technology behind this artifact is incredible. Human researchers have admitted that even though they have a partial understanding of how the weapon works, they have no theory that can explain the existence of an energy pulse that can maintain the amplified sonic waves and only release them when coming into contact with a solid surface. The nature of the type of energy capable of moving at the speed of sound, while encapsulating the sound waves produced by the weapon, is entirely unknown to humans.

Preliminary analysis has revealed the exceptional reliability of this weapon under a multitude of operating conditions. The frame is constructed out of extremely strong carbon nanotubes. The wave generating area is built out of the same material and is followed by a resonance and amplification chamber. A special battery, used to generate energy pulses, is manufactured from unknown nano-composite materials and stored in the weapon’s stock. These pulses are directed towards the main phononic crystal, the green crystal in the center of the weapon, which simultaneously takes the sonic wave from the resonance chamber, purifies it, adds it to the energy pulse and directs it towards the target. The two smaller orange crystals, located on the sides, appear to have a role in absorption and anti-resonance, preventing the main crystal from going into hyper-resonance and disintegrating as a result. Once the energy pulse reaches a solid obstacle, it releases the sonic wave with such a devastating force that it can disintegrate extremely hard materials, such as granite or hyperalloys. This immense destructive force, combined with the extremely high accuracy and ability to automatically fire three consecutive energy pulses, make the sonic gun a technological military marvel and a weapon which cannot miss from the Terran Shield arsenal.

Evidently, detailed scientific investigations are needed in order to decipher the nature of the pulse which stores the sound waves, but our researchers are skeptical in our ability to reproduce the technology behind this formidable weapon in a timely manner. We will most likely need to rely on weapons and ammunition recovered from the enemy, if we are to make use of this weapon. Therefore, recovering as many sonic guns and ammunition shall become a top priority for the Terran Shield soldiers.