Aquanaut Armor I

Made from a special secret material developed by NATO scientists, that only a very few people on Earth knew about, the auqanaut suit is both flexible and extremely thought. The material has the consistence of a solid gel, that covers the entire body of the aquanaut and acts both as an armor and as a thermal insulator. To keep constant the body temperature, the suit is fitted with a mesh of heat conductors on the inside surface, that monitor the temperature of the skin surface, protecting the aquanaut even in the coldest waters.

Although the suit has prove a very good protection against the conventional weapons fire power, we can expect that against the aliens weapons will give the wearer far less protection. So it is imperative for Terran Shield to improve it, as soon as the research labs will reveal the alien's technological secrets.

On the backside, the suit is connected to a gel backpack that contain the main devices and the storage space.

(1)  Acoustic sensors – due to the fact that the human ear can't localize the noises underwater, the two acoustic sensors situated near the camera on the top of the helmet are an essential tool that can pinpoint the sound and noises location.

(2)  High resolution camera – with its highly sensitive sensors, the helmet camera gives the aquanaut a supplementary view of the battlefield and also to the squad commander, who has through it a perspective of the battle from the aquanaut position.     

(3)  L.S. (Lights System) – high intensity discharge LED lighting system (4 units total, 2 located on the shoulders and 2 on the forearms) and a directional beam. An essential tool in the darkness that lies in the deep ocean, not so effective in muddy waters through. Operates on 20% of battery capacity.

(4)  B.H.S. (Body Heating System) – a system responsible for heating the aquanaut suit through a network of resistors covering the entire inside surface of the suit. The layout is similar to that of a circulatory system. Operates on 7% of battery capacity.

(5)  Extra-adhesive gel –  with no pockets or belts to carry the extra ammo and guns, the suit has an extra-adhesive gel that can hold even a large gun if needed.


Aquanaut Backpack

The backpack is linked with the aquanaut suit through the same gel that covers the suit, so they are one object, a vital thing during the battle. The backpack is also linked with a stiffening flexible column running from the back of the aquanaut's head to the backpack tail. The column is inserted into the head interface and acts as the main data and commands stream. All of the backpack devices and components are linked to it. 

Due to the fact that the majority of the missions will be in low oxygen level waters, the backpack has a supplementary I-PFCS (Improved PerFluoroCarbon System) that gives the aquanaut the needed oxygen to perform at optimum level. Because the excessive CO2 cannot be eliminated efficiently through the lungs, an additional CO2-DS (CO2 Draining System) removes the excess CO2 from the blood through the femoral vein.


(1)  H.I. (Head Interface) - implanted in the back of the aquanaut's skull, it connects the brain to the Flexible Column and further to the Main Computer and the Communication System.

(2)  M.C. (Main Computer) – the personal computer that manage all the backpack systems, the communication of the aquanaut and the information that his brain receive during the missions. Operates on 10% of battery capacity.

(3)  W.F.S. (Water Filtering System) – a system that filters the gill inlet water. The system is interchangeable, which is essential when operating in contaminated waters which exceed the filters' capability of self-cleaning. The system operates on 10% of battery capacity.

(4)  W.H.S. (Water Heating System) – a system which heats the inhaled water and the enriched perfluorocarbon that reach the lungs and gills. Operates on 30% of battery capacity. 

(1)  S.G. -(Shield Generator) – an individual shield generator of alien origin (not available on early aquanaut suit models, it will be manufactured only after the research of the aliens' energy shield). Made from composite nano-fiber material and inserts of gold and copper, which help generate a personal ballistic force field. It needs a supplementary power source available later in the game.

(2)  I-PFC.S. (Improved PerFlourCarbon System) – a system that provides perfluorocarbon to the lungs and gills. It is set to enrich the water flux that comes through W.F.S. and W.H.S. with its special perfluorocarbon liquid, that will be circulated through the gills and lungs. It includes an interchangeable O2 enriched perfluorocarbon tank, that is placed on the side of the backpack, for a fast replacement at need. Operates on 14% of battery capacity.


(3)  M.M.S. (Medical Monitoring System) – a system that collects and relays user medical data, such as blood oxygen levels, administers first aid and enhances physical performance through stimulants. Operates on 3% battery capacity.

(4)  CO2 – D.S. (CO2 Draining System) – a system which drains excess CO2 through the femoral vein and gradually eliminates it so that it does not give away the aquanaut's location. Failure of this system could result in hypercapnia (unusual level of CO2 in the blood), unconsciousness  and death within minutes. Operates on 5% battery capacity. 

(5)  I-PFC.S. tank  – it stores the valuable perfluorocarbon, that gives the aquanaut the necessary oxygen, especially when performing intense physical duties. Replaceable at need with a new one (so you will have to keep one available in the backpack, may be even two in long and exhausting missions).

(1)  F.C. (Flexible Column) – which incorporates a part of the S.M.S. (Sensor Monitor System) and the C.S. (Communication System)  systems. It connect to the base of the skull through the head interface.

(2)  S.M.S. (Sensor Monitor System) – a system consisting of video monitoring and sensor data collection (sonar, depth, environment composition, oxygen levels, water temperature, filter cleanliness, battery charge, thermal readings). It is located in the rigidity column, the supplemental propulsion fin, on the key places of the suit and on the helmet. Operates on 3% battery capacity.

(3)  C.S. (Communication System) – the communication system between aquanauts and Squid, aquanauts and drones, as well as other robotic vehicles. The system consist of a neuro-translator and a transmitter and a sonic receptor. The aquanaut receives the information through the Main Computer that communicate with the rest of Terran Shield network through the Communication System. The nature of this information and communication is much more direct and complex then the usual human language and information exchange signs and symbols, because it is fed directly through the neural network of the aquanaut brain. Operates on 1% battery capacity.

(4)  E.B.G. (Emergency Backup Generator) – the yellow plate from the base of the head to the fin.

(5)  B.S.S. (Backpack Storage Space) – the flexible gel can extend a lot and can incorporate additional ammo, devices, weapons, even a small alien can be packed here, if needed.

(6)  M.B. (Main Battery) – this is the main battery, located in the inferior part of the backpack. It sustains all the other systems and it has as a backup, the integrated emergency backup generator (that is situated near the back of the aquanaut and uses his excess muscle energy to recharge), which supplies power if the main battery is replaced during the mission. It is good to have a extra one available during long missions, you don't want your aquanaut to run out of power in the cold ocean waters. 

(7)  CO2 Tank – it stores excess CO2 that would give away the aquanaut's position if released in the water. Replaceable at need with an empty one.

(8)  Supplementary fin with S.M.S. (Sensor Monitor System) sensors – it acts more like a stabilizer in strong underwater currents and as an extra shield, more than a propulsion device.