The Aliens

What are they doing here?
What do they want from us?
These are questions to which we can only guess the answer.
Following the first mission in Terran Shield, when humans recovered the body of one of the aliens, it became obvious that the threat is as real and as dangerous as it gets.
The aliens appear to be perfectly adapted to both land and water environment, which leads us to believe that their strategy is to first invade the marine depths so that later they can surface and conquer the landmasses.
Terran Shield is the only organization that can prevent this catastrophe. By fighting the aliens underwater, they can stop their imminent invasion.

Developing the aliens - core elements and synergies


From the beginning of the development of the alien races our main focus was to make them as believable as possible. The aliens design goes back to their home planets, from the time they developed those characteristics and features that are present in the game, in order to make them feel as organic and natural as possible.

One example of the synergies and characteristics of the aliens is the relation between Ka-Um-La and It-Um-La. Following these related races to their home, the old planet Uut-Ar bathed in the powerful sunlight of the three suns from the triple-star Ar system, the native Ka-Um-La and It-Um-La were living peacefully together in a big happy family. The Ka-Um-Las were shorter, more muscular and lived under the waters of Uut-Ar in the coral reefs and rocky areas, eating algae and seaweeds, while their cousins the It-Um-La's were much taller and lived in the shallow waters in the algae fields.

Tall and slim, the It-Um-La can sneak behind enemy lines and use a melee weapon or can launch an unexpected mortar barrage on enemy positions.

The It-Um-La’s characteristics made them exceptional scouts and spear fighters, while the burly Ka-Um-Las constructed submarine walls from the volcanic rocks and were very good at transporting things. Both Ka-Um-Las and It-Um-Las have gecko-like paws that help them adhere almost to any surface, a very useful characteristic when dealing with the obsidian rocks of their environment.

Their traits and the bond between these two races met earlier in the game will establish some interesting battle synergies that will please the player with their variety. In the dense jungle battles for instance, one of the usual tactics for Ka-Um-Las and It-Um-Las is sending some It-Um-La scouts in front to find the enemy. Then they would signal the enemy location to the rest of the team and hide while the main Ka-Um-La forces advance towards their targets. At the same time the other It-Um-Las launch a barrage of mortars on the enemy lines, making them retreat or advance in disarray and get caught in the dangerous clouds from the Ka-Um-Las’ gel gun projectile explosions that stun and capture any living creature that enters that area. The favorite underwater tactic of these two alien races that fight in tandem is to be discovered later in our beta testing phase.


Jellyfish Sentry

This strange creature, named the Jellyfish Sentry by the aquanauts, is a gelatinous invertebrate that has received several unknown device implants at the hand of its alien overlords.

Due to its bioluminescent bacteria pouch, which can be used as a beacon, we can assume that this creature is used as a scout, uncovering the terrain and dangers that lie ahead of the alien assault units.


Being a transparent creature makes it very difficult to detect in an underwater environment. The weak electrical signals it generates make it nearly invisible to the aquanauts' sensors and therefore extra effort is required to locate this perfect alien spy



The first alien encountered by Terran Shield forces in the "submarine cable" mission from the Black Sea. Named the Frogman by the aquanauts due to its appearance, it is anatomically closely related to lizards. Well adapted to an underwater environment, it uses its strong tail to swim fast and to suddenly change direction.

Its large eyes enable it to see very well in limited lighting conditions and the electro-sensors provide the ability to orientate itself in muddy waters. 

On its toes the Ka-Um-La has gecko-like pads, which can be used to climb vertical walls, thus making it a formidable foe in urban areas.


Ripper, killer, monster.

The incarnation of all the horrors lurking and hiding in the dark depths of the oceans.

The Kampfschwimmer’s cameras spotted this horrible monster during the first alien encounter in The Black Sea mission. The Ud'Glee was responsible for killing four NATO divers, one of them shot by an unknown gun, most probably a weapon that creates a directional lethal sound wave, while the others were torn apart by its huge saber teeth.

The few seconds of footage featuring the monster, show some sort of propulsion jet at the back of the creature’s huge head. This special propulsion system apparently allows it to close in on its prey very quickly, therefore making it a very dangerous opponent in melee combat.    

The large eyes and the small fluorescent lure on its forehead are indicative of a creature that is very well adapted to the dark ocean depths. It comes as no surprise that the 6 alien rulers have assigned the sonic gun to this monster, given that its vision and perception area in an aquatic environment are unparalleled.

If the aliens have more specimens of this living horror in their army, then it seems that we have already lost control over the Earth’s oceans! The only way for us to regain it and have a chance to stop the alien invasion is to capture and research one of those sonic guns, the weapon this monster handles with ease. But that is much easier said than done…