The Abyss...
I have always wondered what monsters hide in deep, cold chasms.
There in the unfathomable black emptiness beneath you when you swim in deep waters, which makes you pull your legs closer out of fear of something grabbing you and pulling you into the depths.
The day, however, has come when we no longer have a choice…We will have to face our deepest fears and dive into the dark depths in search of the monsters.

Because otherwise they will come on their own… creatures of the abyss, worshipers of The 6, whose invasion will mean humanity’s downfall.


For the mixed missions (on the ground and underwater) the player can toggle the water surface: ON/OFF
1.) water surface OFF,  2.) water surface ON

Alien Containment escape

Double team mission -land team and underwater aquanaut team defend the jungle beach

Fierce fight for the treasure

The electrosensor view

The Defender Hovercraft