When is Terran Shield scheduled to be released?

We estimate launching the game 2 years after the crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is scheduled for this summer and the beta for the third quarter of 2019. 

Do you plan to use the T.U. (time units) system?

We will have the T.U. system in conjunction with an area indicator for moving and shooting.

There will be blue for moving and shooting area, green for shooting or moving (the last 25% T.U.) and yellow for the remaining T.U., search for cover, kneel, prone, reload or moving things in inventory.

We will also have the 2 action system implemented; before a mission the player can choose and pick one of the two systems.

Will there be a fog of war system present in Terran Shield?

Yes, we currently have a fog of war system showing the area that your units are facing, therefore making exploration and spotting harder, more important and more realistic.

Which will be the maximum number of units available in a mission?

For underwater missions the maximum number is 24 right now (12 for each of the 2 war rooms of the Squid).

This number could change during development, but we want it to be as high as possible because the aliens will be in high numbers as well.

For the land missions the maximum number will be 30 plus the combat drones and vehicles (the aliens have the edge underwater, but inland, Terran Shield forces have the advantage).

How many types of bases will Terran Shield have? Will there be a top view or a side view for them?

Terran Shield forces will have 3 types of bases (inland - with laboratories, manufacture and repairing modules, plus the living and training facilities for the land forces; underwater - with the aquanauts living and training facilities, plus the alien containment; scouting bases - that have only the detection modules).

The Aliens have now 4 base types, we’ll have more details for them later in the development process.

How many tactical mission types will there be? Will there be missions with a set number or turns?

There will be a lot of mission types, from the usual UFO recovery mission to harvesting sites, ambush missions, UFO terror missions, UFO fake missions, base attack missions or base defense missions.

There will be some missions with a set number of turns like the large ships attack, where the player will have a fixed number of turns to stop the aliens from sinking the ship.

How does a certain terrain type modify the tactical combat?

Each alien will have its bonuses or penalties on a certain terrain type, usually reflected in the number of T.U. available but sometimes also in their morale.

Some of the Terran Shield units will have perks that grant bonuses for a certain terrain type.  

Will there be an overwatch system in the game?

There will be a reaction shot system like on old X-COM games together with the interrupt system from Jagged Alliance.

We want the adversary turn to be more challenging for both the human and the alien forces. We’ll have more details on this later in the development process and in the beta phase.

How much of the environment will be destructible?

Currently all of the environment objects are destructible; the landscape will be also destructible (until you hit the bedrock) and it will depend on how much explosives and heavy guns your soldiers can carry.

But in theory, if they should want so, the players can win the missions in WWI mining style.