Natanael Gruian

Bio: Concept Artist - 3D Modeling - Animation

I'm an art student and animation passionate. I've been animating since highschool and created an animation series, among other animations, and own the Naticartoons animation channel. I've created the CatMobile animated logo and the did the design and animated intro of Atentie, Cad Mere! Youtuber.

I've been attracted to animation, computers and games since I was a little child. Some animations I  loved: “Gravity Falls”, “Ed, Edd n Eddy”, “Cow and Chicken”. Some games I loved: “Grand Theft Auto Vice City” and “San Andreas”, “Metin2”, “Hitman 2 Silent Assassin”, and “Skyrim”.

I have designed the aliens: It-Um-La, Ka-Um-La, Tij'Glee and created some 3D stuff like the Squid, the Alien Medium Fighter and the Ka-Um-La; and contributed to the creation of the Jellyfish Sentry. Oh yeah... and the illustration Edge of the Abyss.