Mihail “Nodrim” Opris

Bio: Gear and Character Story Consultant

I’m anything but a game designer, however, I’ve been an avid consumer of PC video games for almost two decades now. My passion has led me into writing about video games as a means of expressing my delight or disappointment about this constantly evolving industry.

I show interest in most genres. But amongst the myriad of PC video games that I played over the years, most of them were RPGs and strategies, including classics like: Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil, Ground Control 2, Disciples II, Etherlords, Company of Heroes and many more. I’ve developed an appetite for tactical gameplay which turn-based games have in spades, therefore my interest in Terran Shield.

I don’t play any instrumental role in the development of this game. But when needed, I provide my vision in the subject matter as well as bits of writing from time to time.