Cristiana Rus

Bio: Music Designer

My father and his siblings were always engaging in musical activities ever since they were kids, so I grew up in the same way. I was always surrounded by music. My real passion for music materialised when I was 6, when I began studying and playing piano and clarinet in a small village in Italy, in Bergamo province.

Throughout the years, I have been a member of various marching bands, orchestras and musical groups. When I grew up, although I was following a science high school, I have decided to follow my hart and study at Milan conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi", at the same time.

Within the wide musical spectrum, out of all the activities, my biggest passion has always been musical composition. Every time I hear a musical piece, I start creating in my head the second voice, the third voice and so on. Even if it's a musical piece with lyrics, I mainly focus on the orchestration. Therefore, when I was about 15 I started making various musical arrangements and composing. My greatest dream was to compose music for games and movies.

In 2017 I came back in Romania and now I am a student at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, studying composition, my speciality. Here, I was given the opportunity to collaborate for Terran Shield, therefore I did not hesitate and joined the project.

I hope that the music I wrote will help you focus in the game, and make it easier for the players to immerse themselves in the game. Enjoy it!